About Us

Feist Architects was founded in 2005 as a boutique firm by  by Tal Feist, graduate of the Tel Aviv University School of Architecture. We offer our clients a new and fresh approach coupled with an attentiveness to detail in the interior design.

Our Story

Feist Architects brings to each project excellence in design and quality performance stemming from years of experience in housing construction, commercial projects and historic preservation planning.

Tal Feist graduated the Tel Aviv University School of Architecture in 2003 with honors. Having spent several year working with several construction companies, he gained vast experience in the field of construction with the aim of gaining an in-depth understanding of the practical demands and restrictions of architecture.

2003-2005  Architect and Project Manager at Orbach Halevi Architects.

2005  Opens a studio for interior design and architecture specializing in planning and renovation of apartment houses and detached homes.

2007  Founds Feist Architectures which specializes in planning and design for the private and business sectors.


Our vision

Feist Architects is not only to realize the dreams and wants and wishes of our clients, but to do so while introducing a different approach and new ways of thinking in each step of the way. With a modern perception of light and space and a flair for unusual and fresh styles, we not only make dreams come true but create new ones in the process, together with our clients.

We see it as our duty to get to know and anticipate the needs of our clients, through a comprehensive contextual understanding of the unique nature and conditions of each project, be it the environment, landscape, light or air, to tailor the perfect environment to each client. We bring to the drawing board our multi-disciplinary and vast expertise and up to date knowledge with which we guarantee to surprise our clients in every step of the way and find fresh, new angles for each project.


Our belief is that each client should enjoy a unique and comprehensive solution, starting with the conceptual stage through a detailed scheme of the space and the construction, which we oversee in every step, to the meticulous interior design.

Tal Feist personally oversees and tends to each project, so that each of our customers can expect to receive a unique design concept and the expertise and service which are the product of years of experience in a of vast array of projects.

Tal Feist